3-D Christmas Tree Decoration


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A Quick & Easy Christmas Craft With Math Extensions!

My grandson’s last day is Tuesday.  If you too are still in school and looking for a quick and easy project to plug in for a little fun, but still want some standards attached to it, then you may enjoy making these little Christmas trees.

Christmas tree crafts, 3-D Christmas trees, easy Christmas crafts, Christmas crafts for kids, Christmas place cards, Christmas tree art projects, The initial shape is a circle; students cut it in half and then fold it in 1/4th’s, for a nice fraction review. Their circle now looks like a triangle.

When it’s glued together the completed project is no longer a flat shape, but takes the 3-D pyramid shape and looks like a mini Christmas tree.

They are such fun to make; you can also cover the concept of small, medium and large by doing different size circles.

To display the 3 sizes as a centerpiece, place them on a circle of aluminum foil with a large paper doily on top.

Students can count the ornaments they dot on their tree as another math extension, or give them the option to decorate their trees with glitter garland or snow.

Dabbing glue on with a Q-tip, is a no-mess hassle-free way to accomplish decorating the trees.  Remind students “A little dab will do ya.” as you don’t want the glue running when they stand to dry, after children sprinkle glitter on top.

If you are making these at home with your own children, they make adorable place cards for your table.

3-D Christmas trees, Christmas crafts for kids, easy Christmas crafts, Christmas tree art projects, Christmas shapes, Christmas place cards, Christmas decorations, Simply write your family’s names in the middle of one section of the tree and then decorate around it.

I used green printed scrapbook paper that was cardstock thick, but construction paper also works well.

You can top with 2 gold star stickers pressed back-to-back or cut some with a star punch for that finishing touch.

Lightly sprtiz with evergreen scent for that final Christmas bit of magic!

Click on the link to view/print the 3-D Christmas Tree pattern, OR click on the link to view/print the 3-D Christmas Tree pattern, pix and directions.

Here's Ho Ho Hoping you have a Jolly Holly-Day!

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