Teaching CVC Words Part 3


More CVC Word Tips

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

As promised, I just finished some more fun activities to help your students learn CVC words.

Cutting & Gluing:

Cut and Glue CVC words, CVC word list, CVC certificates, CVC word cards, CVC games, CVC activities, CVC ideas, CVC lessons, CVC picture cards, I like to have my Y5’s cut and glue things every day. This fine motor activity strengthens their finger muscles and helps prepare them for those sorts of “testing” activities in kindergarten and first grade.

Thus, Cut & Glue Letter Tiles For CVC Words was designed.  It’s a great way to reinforce consonants and vowels, as well as spelling.

Encourage your students to guess the CVC word by looking at the picture clue, then have them say each letter as they spell, cut and glue the tiles to the word boxes next to the appropriate pictures.

After they are done, have them read and repeat the word.  What a fun way to reinforce a variety of concepts.

CVC word cards, CVC word list, CVC picture cards, CVC certificates, CVC bingo cards, CVC games, CVC cut and glue activity, CVC activities, CVC lessons, CVC ideas, teaching CVC wordsHave your students TRACE the letters with a variety of colored markers to make things even more interesting and enjoyable.

Click on the link to view/print a Cut & Glue CVC free sample skill sheet.   

Click on the bolded book to check that out.  Cut & Glue CVC Words

CVC word cards, CVC picture cards, CVC certificates, CVC bingo cards, CVC games, CVC word list, CVC activities, CVC lessons, CVC ideas, CVC worksheetsThere's also a certificate of praise included in this booket. 

If you missed the FREE 101-page CVC Bingo Bonanza Game Book or the 338 FREE traceable CVC word cards in Teaching CVC Words part 1 and CVC Words part 2, simply scroll down to check these articles out! 

Be sure to pop back tomorrow for 5 FREE CVC board games (CVC Words On A Roll!) including a championship bookmark to give to the winners. 


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