Fun End-Of-The-Year Ideas


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This time of year is a little more relaxed for me.  My students know the standards and we've come a long way. 

We're winding down, and many of you, like me, might even be counting down the days with your students.

I do this via a paper chain that's been hanging up in our classroom all year and is changed each month.  Click on the link to view/print one. Monthly paper chain.

Some of you may be looking for a few fun things to plug in.  One thing that my students enjoy is making two of my in-class bulletin boards for my new students. 

Let's face it, summer zips by and before you know it, we're all back in the classroom.  My list of "to do" things is miles long. 

Although I really enjoy decorating my room and starting fresh, it's often extremely hot in August so if I don't have to put up a few bulletin boards that's a wonderful time saver.

We study apples and dinosaurs for our science units in September, so those are the themes of the two bulletin boards. Even if you don't study apples & dinosaurs these make nice "Welcome" boards for you to put up for the first week. 

The dinosaur bulletin board's caption is: Have A Dino-mite Year! Each dinosaur egg says: "I'm wishing you a dino-mite year in Young Fives!"  The template simply says: "I'm wishing you a dino-mite year!"

For the Back-To-School Apple bulletin board I cut out a large red heart and put a large yellow apple in the center with the words: "Can you find your new kindergarten friend in the cafeteria?"  I've made templates for you that say: Can you find your new preschool/kindergarten/first grade friend?

When I take down the bulletin boards, I give each of my new students an apple or dinosaur.  My Y5's have the same lunch and recess times as the kindergarten students do; once I make sure that these students still go to our school, the cafeteria helpers and I help them find their "new older friend". 

Last year's students have signed their name, and their photo is also on the apple or dinosaur.  

The K's enjoy talking with the "little one's" about Y5's and feel special and "mature", the Y5's have a blast hanging onto their apple or dinosaur and looking for the matching kindergartner who made it for them. 

It's an adventure and a nice win-win for everyone, especially me who didn't have to spend a day dreaming up, making and putting up two more bulletin boards in my hot classroom!

If you can't close your blinds over the summer, or if someone else is using your room, make sure you cover your boards with paper so they don't fade or get messed up. 

If you'll be moving, simply keep all your pieces in a manila envelope so they're ready to staple them on the board and you're all set! You'll be glad you took the time now and thanking yourself when summer's over and you're in "hurricane-mode" trying to get everything done!

Click on the link to view/print the masters. Dinosaur-Apple Back-to-School Bulletin Boards.

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