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All of the activities mentioned in this article can be viewed/printed in the 39-page Five Speckled Frog Packet at the end.  I hope you enjoy it!

You've probably used the sing-along story Five Speckled Frogs to help young students learn to count and older students learn to recognize words and subtract.  I designed some new things that you can do with this old time favorite.

Run off my masters and use them as large flashcards to tell the story.  Students can count the frogs and fill in the empty space as you go.  Laminate the sheets so that you can have a child use a dry erase marker and write in the numbers.  Pass out small chalkboards/dry erase boards and have students practice writing the numbers as well, then hold the boards up to see if they have written the correct number(s).

Students can read the story as you repeat the verses.  You can also make copies of these, so students can trace and fill in their own individual booklets. 

While you are reading, choose 5 students to be frogs.  Laminate the number 1-5 cards and pin them to each child.  Run off five frog cards and number them 1-5.  Make a log by rolling up a long sheet of bulletin board paper and laying it in front of the frog children.  As you read the story have a frog child jump off the log into the pond.  This could be another sheet of bulletin board paper, only blue, or a blue oval carpet.  The first frog to jump off the log should be the number five frog. 

five speckled frogs mask, frog art projects

 Frog Masks:

You could also make 5 frog masks and have the five students wear the masks for this activity as well.  This makes a wonderful art extension so that every child has the opportunity to wear a mask and hop around as a frog.  Practice the math report card standard of counting by 5's to 100 and hop around that many times! If you're learning to count backwards from 10 to 0, don the masks, crouch down and "blast off" the log.

frog paper plate project, frog art projects, five speckled frogs projects

 Frog Puppet

The paper plate frog puppet is a nice art extension. Everyone can make one or just make one for yourself to use as a manipulative to tell this story + other frog related adventures.  Simply cut a large paper plate in half and staple it to the top of the back of a large folded paper plate.  You manipulate the frog's mouth by inserting your four fingers in the top "pocket" that was made by the two-stapled plates as your thumb rests on the bottom half.

 Frog Skill Sheets:

I've provided skill sheets for tracing, then writing number words and numbers as the appropriate group/sets of frogs are shown, as well as addition/subtraction and counting sheets. How many words rhyme with log?  Trace and then write them.  Ff is for frog and flies is another skill sheet.  I've also included an opportunity to connect the dots on a speckled frog by 1's and 5's of course!

five speckled frogs on a log activitiesfive speckled frogs activitiesFrog Game:

Finally, students can roll the dice and play a Five Speckled Frog game with a partner, choosing two different ways to play the game.

 Frog Packet:

Click on the link to view/print the 5 Little Speckled Frogs Activities Packet

 Miscellaneous Frog Stuff:

I have two easy-reader frog booklets available so click on the links for more fun counting with 5 frogs.  5 Little Frogs On A Log and 5 Little Frogs a cut and glue activity.

There's a Five Speckled Frogs YouTube video that's a nice culmination to the day's activities.  Click on the link to view it.

Enchanted Learning offers an online 5 Little Speckled Frogs coloring page.  I like these kinds of activities for my Y5’s,  because it’s easy for them to do as an independent computer center and get some much-needed practice with their computer skills.  Students can click on a color on the left and apply it to the five speckled frogs coloring page on the right. Click on the link to check it out.

life cycle of a frog, frog activities, frog lessons, frog mask, frog puppet, 5 speckled frogs, frog crafts, life cycle of a frog, ccss frogs, free common core lessons for kindrgarten and first, I wish you a "Hoppy" and exciting spring, filled with lots of fun frog activities!

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    Thanks for sharing so many great ideas Diane- I know that I pass on your site to other kindergarten teachers in my own educational sphere and often get thank you's for passing on such great stuff. ( I always make sure that there is a link to your website and that the ideas are credited to you.
    Your generosity is much valued and appreciated.
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