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How Do You Get Kids' Attention So You Can Quietly Transition?    

How to get your students' attention and get them to transition, transition tips, lining students up, transition chants, transition songsThe latest buzz on several of my mail-rings is how on earth to get these children's attention so you can get them to transition and do so quietly.  There were quite a few questions on how to get the students  to line up and stay quiet in the line as well.   I decided to sit down and write a list of all my super-duper-shutter upper's that I have used in the past that I've either thought up, found on the web or learned from other teachers. 

     In about a half hour I had over 70 helpful tips!  One needs to lay down some ground rules from day one so that you have a bag of tricks of how to get your students' attention in the first place so you can get them in a line. I've included those as well.  You can imagine that this would be pages long, so I've made it into a nice little booklet for you to print or save. 

     I'd like to get to 100 tips, as always, if you have something that works for you, that's not on my list, I'd LOVE to hear from you!  Hopefully this will help all of us from (as one poor teacher put it) getting ready to rip our hair out!

     Click on the link to print or save a copy of 70+ Tips For Getting Your Students' Attention So You Can Transiton!

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