December Arts & Crafts


I LOVE December. I do all sorts of themes this month. Just about everyday is a theme day, and many of the centers are geared around making a gift.  I try to instill in the children that Christmas is about giving and not just getting.  I have fond memories of making presents with my grama Lydia and I'm carrying on that tradition with my little grandsons now with a craft day at Nana's house.

I have 3 quick projects here  a wreath, holly, and  reindeer.  You can print each one individually, or wait 'til the end of the article and for your convenience print one pdf with all of the directions and patterns.  I have lots more creative crafts in the following books: December Art and Activities,    Gingerbread Art & Activities,  +  Christmas Tree Art & Activities that will give you 100's of pages of awesome  ideas to do with your children that will help you make adorable keepsake gifts for everyone on your list.

wreath ornament, Christmas crafts for kids, art projects for preschool, kindergarten and first gradeWreath: The wreath ornament is sure to become a keepsake because their child's picture is glued to the bow. When we started to decorate several trees in our home I always made sure we had a tall skinny tree that displayed all the homemade ornaments my children had made throughout their school years. They were some of my favorites.  They followed them out of the house when they moved on. Instead of using heart stickers for the berries, you can dip your student's finger in red paint and use their finger print.  This will make it even more of a keepsake, but the project will be a little more time consuming.  Clean up with a didey wipe. Click on the link to view/print the directions and pattern. I've also written a poem   that would make a cute card to go with it. WREATH

Holly Card: If you're making a gift in your class, it's always nice to have a card to tuck in with it.  This one is quick and easy and also has a keepsake quality.  If you opt to do red-paint finger print-berries for the wreath above, you can do this card on the same day and print the holly berries at the same time as you do the wreath berries. Click on the link to view/print the directions and pattern. HOLLY Card

trinagle shape reindeer, Christmas crafts for kids, keepsake Christmas crafts, December art projects for kids, art projects for preschool, kindergarten and first grade

Rudolph the Shape Reindeer: I always try to incorporate my report card standards whenever I'm doing art or center work in my classroom.  This reindeer reviews an oval, triangle and circle shape as well as the rectangle that the children glue him to.  You can either opt to paint Rudolph on an easel or cut him out of construction paper.  His antlers also have several options.  You can paint your student's hand prints brown and press them to the top of Rudolph's head, or you can have them draw two straight - parallel vertical lines on his head and then make two shorter, horizontal lines on each one; using this as an opportunity to review/teach those vocabulary words. Click on the link to view/print the directions.  Reindeer

Click here for the directions and patterns for all of the projects.  All Christmas Crafts 

Bingo Santa Song: I use "Bingo" songs as a fun way to teach a new word - wall seasonal word and how to spell it.  It's also another creative way to review subtraction. Each month I make up a new "Bingo" song and this month it's about Santa.  I make 5 letter cards that spell S-A-N-T-A.  As we sing the familiar Bingo tune we take a letter away (subtract) and substitute a clap until we are clapping 5 times with no letters! My students LOVE these songs! It's such a wonderful way to review reading, spelling and math!  Click on the link to make a set of cards so you can sing SANTA with your children. Bingo Santa SongToilet paper tube Santa, December Crafts for kids, Art for preschool, kindergarten and first grade. Winter activities for kids

Toilet Paper Tube Santa to go with the song: I've also provided a sheet of Santa stationery to use as a writing extension. Dash off a letter to Santa, or write an "I love you" note to mom and dad, roll it up, tuck it inside the tube and place it on their pillow, car seat, at the table, or any other fun place you can think of. Enjoy!  Santa Craft

Christmas Ornaments: If you're looking for ornament ideas click on the link to view/print all sorts of FREE Christmas Ornament ideas.

Christmas Gifts: If you need ideas for something to make with your little ones, then you need to click on the link to view/print Christmas Gift Ideas.

Christmas Games: Looking for something different and fun to do at your Christmas party this year?  Check out all of the ideas in this fun FREEBIE: Christmas Game Ideas

Christmas Around the World: Whether you're in charge of studying one country or want to take a world wide adventure, I have everything from a cereal-box suitcase to a sticker filled-passport in Christmas Around the World.  Click on the link for this 115-page awesome freebie and enjoy the geography journey! Christmas Around The World

Whatever you're doing this month in the way of crafts and themes I hope you have a jolly-holly time doing them!  As always, if you have a creative craft you're doing with your little ones, we'd enjoy hearing from you!

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