5 pages Review the concept of small, medium and large by making this Frogs on a Log manipulative to use for a variety of frog-themed stories.
9 pages. Students trace and write the color and number words, then color the sunglasses. Number 10 has a twist. Includes 1 graphing extension.
7 pages. Students trace the color and number words, then color the fruit the appropriate color. Includes 1 graphing extension.
13 pages. Students trace and write the color word and number,then color that many baseball caps, until they get to 9 brown bats and 10 white balls. Includes 3 graphing extensions.
1 page. Zip up your writing centers or Daily 5 activities by placing this story wheel in them. Students spin the wheel 3-4 times and write sentences or a 1-paragraph story and include the picture ideas in them.
18 pages. Cover science and language arts as students involve their senses to describe a themed object each month.
23 pages. All sorts of fun ideas and activities that are perfect plug in's for the end of the school year, or for summer school!

54 pages. A little bit of everything for your study of fireflies.

46 pages. A fun and fair way for students to select a partner.
18 pages. What can you do at the beach? Students enjoy cutting and gluing the various things that they can do at the beach matching the pictures to the sentences.
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