26 pages. Common Core State Standards: K.CC.4a, K.CC.4b,K.CC.4c, K.CC.3, K.CC.5, K.CC.7, RF.K.1a, RF.K.1c, RF.K.3c. Practice a variety of skills and standards with this cute 10 frame booklet.
1 page. Put this poster up when you're studying the letter Kk or for your March kite themed activities. Also includes words that rhyme with kite so this is a nice addition to your word wall as well.

10 pages. Glyphs are a wonderful way to whole-group assess for listening and following direction skills. These make a nice bulletin board for March. Also includes 10 matching graphing extensions.

5 pages. A wonderful way to review 3D shapes during March. Students trace and write the 3D shape word as well as the color word + cut and glue the matching 3D kite to the appropriate picture page.

31 pages. Students will soar to new reading heights with this fun easy reader booklet, chock full of extensions and additional activities.

22 pages. Your students will enjoy learning number words with this fun cut and glue activity book just in time for spring!
60 pages A Monthly Newsletter Packet chock full of a little bit of everything that might go on during that month.
Here's a sampling of the 133 pages that will have your students joyfully springing into March!
78 pages flying high with fun!
7 pages. Children will enjoy zapping those kites with an X as they practice their subtraction skills.
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