23 pages. Common Core State Standards: K.CC.1,K.CC.2b, 1.NBT.1, K.MD.1, 1.MD.1, 1.NBT.2c, 1.NBT.5 10 different 100/120 charts that are themed to the month. Run them off and have students practice writing to 100 0r 120 each month.

39 pages. Your students will enjoy making and wearing these 30 masks to help make story time come alive. Act out poems, nursery rhymes, fairy tales, counting parts of a story, and special holidays.

8 pages. This easy reader reinforces color and number words. Students trace and write the words, circle the number in the sequence and then color the egg the appropriate color. As with all of the "Count and Color" booklets the number 10 has an interes

10 pages. A wonderful spring writing prompt perfect for your Daily 5 activities or writing center that makes a terrific bulletin board too! Includes a letter home to parents and 6 graphing extensions.

15 pages. Venn diagrams are a fun way to introduce or review the concept of compare and contrast.

5 pages. Glyphs are wonderful ways to whole group assess listening and following directions, students enjoy making them, and they create a lovely bulletin board or hallway decoration.

2 pages. A bookmark, writing prompt, counting activity & Easter greeting for someone special, all rolled into one quick and easy center!

4 pages. An egg glyph perfect for your Easter activities. Glyphs are a great way to assess listening and following direction skills.

8 pages. Help students practice compare and contrast skills in a fun way by getting to know a classmate better and making a Venn Friend diagram.

53 pages. Common Core State Standard RI.K1d This packet has a little bit of everything in it with a jellybean theme. Your students will enjoy reviewing standards while using jellybeans as manipulatives.
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