8 pages. A wonderful way to review shapes and get the point across about not playing with fire.
Here's a sampling of the 8 pages. A delicious way for children to review the 6 shapes and learn a bit of trivia about this sweet treat!
9 pages of meowy mayhem. I don't like this tongue! What's the best one for your kitty cat, a circle, triangle, rectangle or square? How about a heart or an oval?
10 pages. This naughty bat ventured into Spooky Hollow, and now his shape is all messed up! Can you help him get his correct oval shape back?
8 pages. A delightful way for children to learn the 6 shapes and things that are shaped like that.
10 pages. A dino-mite way to review shapes. Children trace the shape and the shape word.
9 pages The aliens help you teach and review shapes and colors in a humorous story that is out of this world!
8 pages. Review and learn shapes with Wiggle worm.

9 pages. Apple Annie will help your students easily learn shapes in this adorable back-to-school story about contentment.

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