The Five Senses

12 pages. Help students improve their writing by encouraging them to use all of their senses. These sensory word-a-month posters will help them practice that skill. Includes a poster for each month of the year.
10 pages. This easy reader reinforces color words by having students trace and write the words in the matching color. Includes 3 graphing extensions. A nice "go along" for your science study of the 5 senses when you work on the eye.

16 pages. A fun way to review the five senses, expand children's descriptive vocabulary and work on their fine motor skills.

29 pages. A great way to include science, reading,writing and even math with these fun activities and booklets that your students will enjoy making!
16 pages. Combine reading, writing and science as students cut and glue the pictures to the matching numbered boxes in this fun fall booklet.
9 pages A great way to review the 5 senses as well as the 4 seasons!
12 pages. Common Core State Standards: RF.K.1c, L.1.2b, RF.1.1a, RF.k.1a, RF.K3c,RF.K.3d, L.K.2b, RF.K.3a A wonderful booklet about February that covers lots of CCSS and report card standards.
7 pages. A nice science extension that helps students review the five senses as well as learn a few fun facts about penguins, while they practice their reading and writing skills.
8 pages. Study social studies and science at the same time with this fun little booklet!
9 pages. Review this science unit with this adorable cut and paste reading activity.
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