95 pages of activities to help your little "punkins" shine brightly.
8 Pages. Your students will have fun solving the subtraction mystery as they practice writing simple equations.
8 pages. Make a keepsake fingerprint pumpkin seed booklet with your little "punkins" while learning spatial directions!
3 pages. What a cute keepsake for your little "punkins" to make!
7 pages. Perfect for 1st grade and older to do, or for younger students as a read aloud and wonderful pre-reading shape review!
7 pages. A fun way to review addition/subtraction as well as practice writing and sequencing numbers, cutting and pasting + listening and following directions!
11 pages. A fun way to review addition/subtraction, counting, writing and sequencing numbers as well as number-words to an old-fashioned tune!
13 pages. A crafty way to review counting, subtraction, sequencing and numbers, + reinforcing recall to a favorite tune as well as practicing fine motor skills of cutting and gluing.

12 pages. A lovely way to teach about colors during this splendid season.

20 pages. Common Core State Standard RI.K1d You'll go Ga Ga over our monthly OG's!

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