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Welcome to my BLOG’s Writing Prompt’s section.

I LOVE writing, but let’s face it, most of our young students don’t . I believe that’s because they think they can’t. The more they write the better they get! It’s up to us to give them that practice and encouragement, and make them feel like AUTHORS!

I think the second reason is that they aren’t stimulated. They need to be excited to WANT to write, just like they are excited to share information with their friends verbally.  Hopefully, these ideas will help turn your students on!

If you have some fun writing ideas please care & share with us. I gear my ideas according to the themes that most teachers do during the month as well as what holidays and National “whatever’s” are going on.

I have many sites that I check when I'm working on my writing prompts to see what's being celebrated.  Here are two of my favorites: Link One and Link Two.  

As your students are getting ready to sharpen their pencils, you may want to share these incredible carved pencil pix with them! Just click here to view them, and prepare to be amazed! All I can say is WOW!

Here's my paper that I send home to show parents the proper grip for holding a pencil.

writing prompts for September, writing prompts

It’s National HONEY Month. Here’s the scenario choose one:

  • You and some friends are visiting a bee farm. While you are learning how to collect the honey, your friend gets stung by a bee. He/she tells you that they are allergic to bee stings and they start to panic. What do you do?
  • You have blended several kinds of spices to come up with a superb tasting honey. It’s a national best seller. What do you call it? How do you promote it? What will you do with the money?
  • While on a fieldtrip to a bee farm one of the kids knocks over a hive. Angry bees are swarming everywhere. Tell me what happens in the chaos and who saves the day.

 It’s National COLLEGE SAVINGS Month.

  • Do you want to go to college? Why or why not? What will you study to be if you do decide to go or what will you do if you don’t go?

 It’s National One-On-One Month.

  • Who would you like some one-on-one time with and why and what would you do during that time?

 It’s National COUPON Month.

  • You have the ability to write out 3 coupons to whomever you wish for whatever you want. What will you write them out for and who will you give them to and why?

 It’s National SELF-IMPROVEMENT Month.writing prompts, writing prompts for September

  • What do you feel you need to improve on? How do you plan to go about doing that?

 September 1-8th is National ENTHUSIASM week.

  • What are you really enthusiastic about? Why? Why is it important to be enthusiastic? How can you help others become more enthusiastic?

 September 13th -17th is Substitute Teacher Appreciation Week.

  • Your teacher’s put you in charge of the class today. What kinds of educational activities have you planned? Tell me about your day as the substitute.

 September 19th-24th is TURN OFF your TV WEEK.

  • Why do you think that is important? Why do you think it’s so hard for people to turn off the TV?
  • Write a paragraph about your favorite TV program, including WHY it’s your favorite, then tell me if you could turn off the TV for an entire week. Let’s say you HAD to-the electricity went off. What would you do for entertainment?

 It’s National GOOD NEIGHBOR Day the 26th.

  • Do you know your neighbors? Tell me about them.
  • What would be your favorite kind of neighbor if you could have a “dream” neighbor.
  • Like the creepy movie that was just out awhile ago, a person sees what they think is a murder taking place in the house across the street. Let’s say that’s exactly what YOU see.
  • Tell me what happens next. YOU are in the boonies, NO cell phone…

 The 18th of September is National RESPECT Day.

  • Tell me who you respect the most and why.
  • proper grip for holding a pencil, writing prompts, writing prompts for SeptemberDo you think people respect you? Why or why not?
  • How do you get people to respect you?

 September 18th is also National Big Whopper LIAR Day.

  • What’s the biggest lie you ever told. Were you discovered.
  • Do you think lying is bad?  Why or why not?

 It’s “Talk Like A PIRATE Day” on the 19th.

  • Would you like to be a pirate? Why or why not?

 It’s National Keep Kids Creative Week starting the 26th.

  • What is the most creative thing you’ve ever done?

 Today’s the 26th and it’s Johnny Appleseed Day!

  • If you could travel on foot anywhere in the world where would you go and what would you be doing? How would you earn money along the way?
  • Apples - apples everywhere! This is the month for studying apples. Do you like apples? If you had to eat fruit everyday for an entire week, what fruit would you choose? How many ways can you think of to prepare it?

The big theme this month is obviously BACK-TO-SCHOOL.

  • How do you feel about going back to school? Are you excited, a little scared or nervous? What are your favorite subjects? What do you hope to learn? Compare last year to this year. What are the biggest differences?

       Happy September! Keep on WRITING!

For more writing prompts, click on the link.  I've made a booklet that contains some for each month on a variety of topics!

Also click on the link for 80 writing prompts. This site also lists another 50.  I have my college students use this site to jump start their brains when they write in their journals.

Make sure you go over it so that you can develop your own appropriate list from it.

Do not just send your elementary students here to pick one.  Although most of the prompts are excellent, a few of these topics are not appropriate for younger students.

This person has their list copyrighted so please respect that as well.


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