33 pages of giggles. Biblical wit as seen through a child's eyes.
51 pages. Here's a few sample pages from the book that will make your Story Time come alive!

4 pages. CCSS: RI.K5 Anchor charts are a terrific way to help students understand concepts and retain information. This one reviews the parts of a book.

9 pages Make room for the big bus its got to go on the page! Where should I put it? Let's listen to the directions and find out.
10 pages Students can't help but learn when they practice writing equations and doing subtraction as they have fun solving the math mystery!
10 pages Students will have fun reviewing a circle, triangle, rectangle, square, heart and oval shape as they trace the silly wheels on the bus.
92 pages. Common Core State Standard RI.K1d A themed page for the months of September through May. There is a set for numbers 1-10 where students match the group of themed objects at the top with the numeral below.
11 pages. Here are some of the magic tricks that I do in September. You can read, save, or print this.
10 pages. Here are some of the magic tricks I do in October. You can read, save, or print this.

6 pages. p your students understand the difficult words of The Pledge with these kid-friendly synonyms.

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