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"Blow A Kiss" is a quick, easy and fun "craftivity" your students can make on Valentine's Day.  It's sure to become a keepsake.

21 pages.

Make writing a bit more fun with these 3D hearts, featuring three different writing prompts.  Packet includes 15 writing prompts and heart pattern + sample photographs. 

29 pages.

Besides the lantern craftivity, this packet includes super-interesting facts and history about Chinese lanterns and the famous Lantern Festival, with lots of fascinating links to short YouTube videos of lion dancing, stilt walking, dragon dancing, floating lanterns, and parades, that will take your students to China in the comfort of your classroom. 

6 pages.

Quick, easy and fun craftivity for your Groundhog Day celebration.

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Create a lovely rainbow 100 with this great fine motor craft.  Ripping and tearing paper helps strengthen little fingers and hands.  You can also have them arrange their scraps in a color pattern.  Completed projects make a wonderful 100-Day bulletin board.

7 pages.

Challenge your students to think about how they might look if they live to be 100.  Have them draw a self-portrait or use an aging app to create a photograph.  Suggestions and links for apps are included, as well as templates for an "Oldie 100-Day Pennant Banner."

2 pages.

"Reinforce" the 100 number, with this reinforcement hole 100 Day banner. Great fine motor practice too.

4 pages

Three "counting" crowns for 100 Day.  Look closely at the pictures and you will see how students made 20 groups of 5 on the 100 Day Rocks! crown, as well as 10 groups of 10 on the heart crown.  The crown with the circle "jewels" on it, has 104 circles and includes a guess-timation activity.

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A coloring page for 100 Day, was requested for preschool children to work on as a whole-group activity.  You can have older students put groups of 5 or 10 inside the number.  i.e. five X's, 5 smilie stickers, 5 dots, 5 stars etc. adding items 'til they have 100 things.

4 pages.

Review shapes, colors and graphing, while making a crown for 100 Day.
There is a black and white set, as well as a color set for teachers.  I've also included a blank 100, if you want your students to draw, dot or sticker 10 different items (10 times each) inside the numbers, to make their own creative crown.  

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