Writing Prompts for kids

Be sure to check out the writing prompts to make some quick and easy class books for the end of the year on the main blog.  Click on the link if you're interested.

If you want a special day to celebrate in June, check out Brownie Locks and the 3 bears.  I find her site invaluable for getting ideas of what's going on so I can think up fun things for you to write about!


Monthly Observances:

camping, writing prompts, writing prompts for juneIt’s Country Cooking Month! You’re in charge of making the entire meal.  What are you fixin’ to fix?

June is Perennial Garden Month.  Your garden has just won an award.  What award did it win and why?  OR… if you were given $10,000 to make a dream garden what would you buy and what would your garden look like?

It’s National Camping Month.  You can go anywhere you want.  Where are you going and whom are you going with?  How long will you be gone?

It’s National Candy Month. What’s your favorite candy; why?  OR describe your favorite candy using all of your senses.

It’s National Smile Month.  Write about the top 10 things that make you smile and why.


Weekly Celebrations:

sunshine with glasses, writing prompts, writing prompts for summer, writing prompts for juneIt’s National Headache Awareness Week the 5th-11th What people or things or activities give you a headache?

That week is also Sun Safety Week.  What are your favorite things to do under the sun?  OR…. You and some friends are at the beach, suddenly there is an eclipse of the sun, then the radio announces that the sun won’t be coming out again.  All of a sudden it’s very cold and it’s the end of June!  Why is this happening? Solve the mystery and finish the story.

It’s Superman Week the 10th – the 13th.  You can have 3 super powers to help Superman and be Super-student.  What are your powers? How will you help?


Daily Celebrations:

June 1st is Go Barefoot Day.  Where would you like to run barefoot if you could run barefoot anywhere and anyplace in the world and why would you go there, and who would you go with?

The 1st is also Say Something Nice Day.  Write about something nice you will say.  Who will you say it to and why?

June 4th is Do-Dah Day a salute to silliness!  So what’s the silliest thing you’ve ever done?  OR the school is planning a silly contest.  Winner gets $500.  What do you plan to do to win?  What will you do with the money?

hot_air_balloon, summer writing prompts, june writing prompts, writing promptsThe 4th is also Drawing Day.  If you were an artist and could really draw well, what would you draw and why?

June 5th is Hot Air Balloon Day:  Up Up And Away…where are you flying to and who are you going with?

June 6th is D Day: What is D day, and why should we remember it?

June 7th is Daniel Boone Day:  Would you like to go back in time to the day when Daniel Boone lived and be a pioneer?  Why or why not?  OR…Pretend you are living on the frontier.  What does your home look like, what’s a day like in your life?

June 8th ice cream was first sold in the United States. What is your favorite flavor? Describe how it tastes.  Think of some adjectives that describe an ice cream cone and write a descriptive sentence.  Write a metaphor and a simile using an ice cream cone.

It’s June 12th and it’s Loving Day: What do you LOVE so much that you just can’t live without and why?  OR…who in your life do you love the most and why?  OR…if you could design your perfect mate what would they look like, what qualities would they have, what would they do for a living, how would you meet them?

June 12th and 13th is Raggedy Ann & Andy Day:  Write a story involving these famous dolls.

Ride the Wind Day is also celebrated June 12th.  Write a descriptive paragraph of what it would be like to ride the wind.  OR… in the wake of so many tornadoes, write about a storm that you experienced and how you felt when it was taking place.  OR…Here’s the scenario:  You’re riding in a car with some friends.  Suddenly the radio is interrupted by a series of beeps warning that a tornado is headed your way.  The sky is already getting dark and the wind is picking up.  You are about an hour from home in the middle of no where.  What do you do?

flag day flag, writing prompts, writing prompts for june, writing prompts for summerJune 13th is the Queen’s Official Birthday:  You get to be Queen for a day!  What’s it like?  Where are you queen?  What do you do for the day?  How will you celebrate?

June 14th is Flag Day: Why do you think this is an important day?  What does it mean to you to be an American?  OR Do you think it is important to respect the flag?  Why or why not? OR What does the flag symbolize to you?   OR… Some people would like to stop saying the Pledge of Allegiance in schools.  Do you agree or disagree with that?

June 14th is also Blood Donor Day:  Have you ever donated blood?  Do you think this is important?  Why or why not?

Nature Photography Day is June 15th.  You have just won a photography contest.  What picture in nature did you take?  How did you go about capturing that perfect shot?

June 18th Sally Ride was the 1st woman in space in 1983.  If you could be the first person to do something today, what would you like to be first to do and why?  OR…  Would you like to travel in space?  Why or why not?

June 19th is Family Awareness Day: What do you like best about your family and why?  OR…it’s summer.  What things do you and your family like to do during the summer?  OR  What are your favorite family memories?

June 19th is also Father’s Day.  Write a descriptive paragraph about your dad. OR…How has your dad influenced you?  OR What are your favorite things about your dad? OR compare and contrast you and your dad or your dad and your grandpa.

June 21st is the first day of summer.  You have just won $5,000 to take a dream summer vacation!  Who will you take it with, where will you go, what will you do and how long will you be gone for?

world_handshake day, summer writing prompts, writing prompts for june, writing promptsJune 21st is World Handshake Day (National Handshake Day, with a different sponsor is the 24th ) If you could shake anyone’s hand in the world, living or dead (go back in time when they were alive…) whose hand would you like to shake and why?

The 23rd of June is Let It Go Day.  Write a list of things you need to let go and then summarize why you need to let them go.

June 24th is Celebration of the Senses Day.  What is your favorite sense and why?  OR if you had to lose one of your senses which one would it be and why?  OR…Make up a 6th sense, name it, what kind of power would you have, why would you want that 6th sense and how would you use it.

It’s Take Your Dog To Work Day on the 24th.  You can have any dog in the world.  What kind do you have; describe them; what’s their name?  OR…you have a job and you have a dog and you are taking them to work, but something goes terribly WRONG!!!! Tell me the story of the Day The Dog…..

June 25th is Eric Carles’ birthday.  What is your favorite book that he wrote and why?

June 25th is also Great American Backyard Campout Day!  You are camping in your backyard and something happens! What is it?  Write the mystery story.  OR your parents allow you to have a campout party for the weekend!  Whose coming, what are the party plans?  Explain the details from the food to the activities.

America's Kids' Day, writing prompts for june, summer writing prompts, writing promptsThe 26th is America’s Kids Day.  You have been given $5,000 to celebrate kids.  How will you go about doing that? What kids will you celebrate?

June 27th is Decide To Be Married Day.  Do you think you will get married?  Do you want to get married?  Why or why not?

Happy Birthday to You Day is the 27th.  What’s your favorite birthday?  OR…You have $2,000 to plan an unforgettable birthday party.  Explain all of the details from invitations and who is coming to food and entertainment.  OR…what birthday are you really looking forward to and why?

Whatever day you're celebrating, or whatever you're writing about I hope you find joy in it!  Have a sweet summer.