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Announcing: Preschool and Kindergarten Graduates!

I wanted to see if there were any fun templates in Word for graduation and I found this one.

I think it turned out to be a cute keepsake and quick gift for the kiddo’s.

Click on the link to view/download the pdf file for graduation announcement and cards.

I made a pdf master for you to make things easier, but if you’d like to personalize things, I’ve also left my template in a word doc that you can click on to type in a different year as well as your students’ names for the business cards. 

The file for the announcement was too big and would not let me save it in a doc that you could click on, even though I only had one on a page, but you can easily source it in your word docs. Not sure what was up with that, but oh well...

If you like the font, it’s called Tonight's The Night and is from free fonts by Kevin and Amanda.  Click on the link to download it. 

Click on the link to view the doc graduation business card.

 I also found this cute “World’s Best” certificate that I thought you might enjoy.

world's best certificate, preschool kindergarten certificates, preschool kindergarten graduation ideas, preschool kindergarten activities, world's best certificates,Click on the link to view the doc World’s Best Certificate and adapt it with your students' information.preschool kindergarten graduation ideas, preschool kindergarten graduation certificates, preschool kindergarten graduation activities, preschool kindergarten graduation announcements, preschool kindergarten graduation cards,


I hope these keepsake items help you out.

Do you have a treasure you'd like to share?  I'd enjoy hearing from you or feel free to leave a comment here, especially if you use one of my ideas.

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