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Fluttering By With Another Butterfly Activity

butterfly activities, 3D shapes, 3D shape activities, butterfly easy reader,butterfly booklet, 3D shape booklet, If you’re looking for something to assess your students’ ability to show spatial directions that will give you a “hard” copy, I’ve got just the thing.

My Butterfly and the 3D Shapes, is an easy reader, that will not only help you with spatial directions, but review those tough 3 dimensional shapes in a fun way too.

Students trace the word and shape and then cut out butterflies and glue them to the appropriate position on the page.

Click on the link to view/download My Butterfly and the 3D Shapes booklet.

This makes a nice Daily 5 activity too.

When everyone has completed their booklet, read it together as a whole group to reinforce concepts of print. 

You have my permission_to_pinpermission to PIN anything you think other teachers may find helpful. Enjoy and be sure and flit on over tomorrow for more fun tips.

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