Celebrating Halloween

To Celebrate Halloween Or Not To Celebrate Halloween At School? 
Now That's A Much-Debated Topic...

celebrating halloween at school, halloween parades at school, halloween parties at schoolEvery year our school goes through some moaning and groaning of whether we will be celebrating Halloween or not.

Every year for the past 30+ years we end up celebrating and I’m very glad.

As a child Halloween was one of my favorite holidays.  I LOVED dressing up.  My twin and I would plan our costumes for months. Trick or treating was barely over and we could be found dreaming of what we wanted to be for next year’s celebration.

Parents and teachers alike are split, but the pro’s of a celebration out weigh the negatives and the people for a celebration far out number those against in my school.

We all try to have a “normal” day, whatever that may be…so “regular” school goes on during the day.

After lunch, students don their costumes, and everyone lines up for a school wide parade through the school and then outside so that families can view the children and take pictures.

The rule for costumes is nothing gory or violent, and children must be able to see out of masks, and walk in “special” shoes without tripping.

Parties take place after the parade.

My day is centered around the Halloween theme and all of the table top, centers, and projects I do that day, revolve around it.

halloween parties, halloween parades,I read special stories with puppets, have a few extra magic tricks, and we play some really fun games.

Even though my students think it’s an all-day “party” -- everything I’ve planned encompasses our report card standards.

I ask for plenty of volunteers and hopefully have at least 6 adults coming to pitch in and make things run smoothly.

I’ve handled the day with as few as 3 though, because gone are the days of a dozen or more parents taking off work to come to a party day.

I find as each year goes by, more mom’s are working outside the home, even with an infant at home.

Fall is my favorite time of year and dressing up as some sort of queen, is something I truly enjoy.

What are your thoughts on Halloween?  How does your school celebrate it? I'd enjoy hearing from you.  diane@teachwithme.com