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     free printables, free lesson plans In the booklet: My Book Of Color Words your students will practice TRACING, WRITING, COLORING, then CUTTING out jumbled letters and GLUING them to a box shape to form the correctly spelled color word. Wow! Talk about nailing a bunch of standards and reinforcing a variety of skills all in one great little booklet that your children/students will have fun making and then sharing with their families. Click on the link above to print a copy.

      If you liked this format check out my other Color BookletNumber Booklet, and Shape Booklet.

     Or try your hand at making a KEEPSAKE booklet.  Is "thumb-body" special in your life? Why not tell them! Do you need a quick artsy project for your students to do once a month? I've got the perfect thing for you.  Click on the link to make an adorable thumbprint booklet and have your students learning the months of the year at the same time!  Monthly Keepsake Booklet

Something NEW!

free printables, free lesson plansI just finished designing something new for your emergent readers. I know my Y5's really enjoy making little booklets; perfect for their small hands.

They enjoy looking at the pictures and figuring out words so that they can actually read the booklets when they get home.

Again, I'm using repetitive words so that they get used to seeing them, and simple phrases so that they can remember them. 

I wanted to tie the booklets in with science as well, so that I'm nailing another report card standard.

I also wanted to incorporate cutting and gluing so they can practice these fine motor skills, as well as reinforce number recognition, matching and sequencing things. These booklets are also great for reading, concepts of print and for them to practice their writing skills by tracing and then writing words/sentences.

Each month I'll have at least one free "Easy Reader" for you. I hope you enjoy this new feature and that it helps your emergent readers as well. I'd really enjoy hearing from you and getting your feedback.

The booklets will stay free for the entire month, then they will be for sale for only .59cents, or why not become a gold subscriber and be able to download everything all year long at no additional charge!  Click on the link to check it out.

Click on the links below to print the booklets. 

Enjoy and happy reading!

free printables, free lesson plans

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