art activities for September

Apple-icious Art Activities 

My readers continue to ask for "More apple ideas please." so like the September recipes, the Arts, Crafts and Activities will also have an apple theme.


apple glyph, back to school glyphs, apple art, apple activities, back to school activities, apple tasting graph, apple graph, apple ideas, Back-To-School-Apple Glyph:  

I LOVE glyphs.  They are the perfect activity for "listening and following directions!"  Plus, a back-to-school glyph can really help teachers get to know their students.

No matter what the age group, students seem to really enjoy making a glyph.  Glyphs are also a nice way to decorate a hallway wall and get other students reading to see if they can discover whose glyph it is. 

Click on the link to view/print the back-to-school apple glyph.


apple tasting mat, apple art projects, back to school activities, apple tasting graph, apple glyphs, back to school glyphs, apple graphs, apple art, apple activities, september art, back to school activities, apple glyphs, back to school glyphs, Apple Tasting Mats & Graph:

The study of apples is one of our science units.  One of the facts I teach my students is that apples come in three colors: red, green and yellow.

It's fun for them to taste the 3 different kinds of apples and then have them decide which is their favorite and graph the results.

I'm not only teaching science, but incorporating math and including snack time!  What a great use of time as I cover a variety of report card standards and subjects!

One of the problems I had was that when I layed out the different chunks of apple, children couldn't tell which was the red, yellow or green one, so I designed a little mat for them to color.

This will reinforce listening and following directions, ordinal numbers, colors, that particular science fact and later, they can use it for snack time when you put their 3 different apple pieces on the mat for them to taste.

Click on the link for the apple tasting mat and graph.


apple pinch and poke, apple activities, apple art, apple glyph, back to school glyphs, back to school activties, apple graph, Apple Pinch & Poke:

For those of you who use my themed-center activities, you know how important Pinch & Pokes are to me.  My Y5 students transition from table top to centers.

Pinch & Pokes are one of my consistent centers.  Students get a P&P, take it to the carpet along with a large tack or golf tee, and follow the pattern by poking a hole in each dot to make a picture.

If they hold their paper up to the ceiling and shine a flashlight on their picture they will see a "star print" on the ceiling at night.

P&P's are great for building upper body strength as well as increasing finger dexterity, finger and hand muscle strength and coordination and are a fun fine motor skill that students really enjoy.

Click on the link to view/print an apple pinch and poke. Run it off on red, yellow and lime green copy paper to reinforce the various colors of an apple.


apple art dangler, back to school activities, apple glyph, back to school glyph, apple art, september art, back to school activities, back to school ideas, apple glyph, back to school glyph, Appealing Apples:

One of the vocabulary words that I teach my students is spiral.  Learning to cut on a spiral is a great fine motor skill.

Run these apple spirals off on red, yellow & lime green construction paper.  Have students glue the top end to their white apple and let them dangle down from the ceiling.

They double as an introduction to autumn poetry/rhyming words, cover science, review the a & e vowels, as well as help students who are learning how to write and identify their name, + they make a darling hallway display that's sure to help build your students' self-esteem when they see their photograph and work displayed for all to view. 

What a fun way to cover a lot of "stuff!"

Click on the link to see/print the Appealing Apple patterns.

Whatever arts, crafts and activities you're planning to do during the month of September,  I hope they are simply apple-icious!

These activites will be FREE through the month of September and then they will be for sale in an Apple Activity Booklet for only .59 cents.

As always, if you have a creative idea that you do, I'd enjoy hearing from you.