Merry Christmas!



Merry ChristmasJust wanted to take a moment today, to wish all of my visitor friends a very Merry Christmas from my hearth and home to yours!

Merry ChristmasI hope you are surrounded by everyone and everything you love the most, and that you feel very healthy, happy and blessed!


Merry Christmas








Our Savior, Light Of The World   "Rejoicing, we tell the Nativity story.  When the Light of the World came in brilliance and glory. But still we remember there is more to be told—His great sacrifice that was yet to unfold.  For His mission as Savior could not be complete  Until heavy nails pierced His hands and His feet.  So may we recall both the gift of His birth,  And the gift of salvation He gave to all  on earth."   -Lisa O. Engelhardt

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