14 pages.

These 4 icebreaker games using M & M's or Skittles candy, are a great way to get to know your students, relieve tension and have fun.

1 page

Add some fun to explaining where things are located, by turning this necessity into a game, where your students become "I Spy!" detectives and locate important items in your classroom. 

4 pages

So that I could get a handle on where my new students were, I always liked to do some fun assessing of my first graders the first week of school.  With that in mind I designed Alpha Bird.  Students choose from a variety of colored pattern pieces and glue them to their paper plate bird body. 

59 pages.

Review 2D shapes, 3D shapes, and pattern block shapes with this fun "craftivity" perfect for spring.

6 pages.

Use the large and small bunny for a center activity, assessment, or game. 

15 pages.

Help practice a variety of standards with this hands-on pirate "craftivity". 

23 pages.

Review 2D and 3D shapes, plus pattern block shapes with this fun Polly Wants A Shape Cracker packet. 

30 pages.

Print off Polly; laminate and trim.  Cut out an opening in her mouth; attach Polly to a container and have students "feed" her number "cracker" cards.

51 pages.

Make Polly the parrot and have your students "feed" her upper and lowercase letter "cracker" cards.  Packet includes an ABC booklet, upper and lowercase letter worksheets, assessments, a tip list of alphabet card ideas, plus an alphabetical list of over 700 pirate-related words and phases, as well as a certificate of praise.

29 pages.

There are a variety of ways to use these alphabet puzzles. Run off on white construction paper, laminate and trim.  Keep each letter puzzle in its own baggy.  Students can put them together as an independent center, or do as a whole group activity, passing out a different letter puzzle to each child.

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