Teaching -ick and -eat Word Families With A Fun "Craftivity!"


Here's a Word Family TRICK For Helping Teach Common Core, That's A Real TREAT!

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You'll be covering the Phonological Awareness Common Core State Standards: RF.K2a, RF.K2c and RF.K2e

Run off my template with the adorable Laura Strickland trick or treaters on it.

You can use the treat bag just as it is, or you can cut off the top of a brown paper lunch bag, so that it fits on the back of this treat bag, and glue it on.

It's a little trickier to manipulate the strips, but then it's truly a functional bag for doing other things with, which I'll explain later.

Help children SLIT the top & bottom dashed lines of the squares. Insert letter strips, so students can make new words.

There will be a few giggles as they say “Wick or wheat”, “Sick or seat” "Chick or cheat" and “Kick or heat.” etc.

I’ve also included, traceable word flashcards + covers so students can practice the words in yet another way, and make Itty Bitty booklets.

When they have finished cutting & tracing their word cards, they can drop them in the bag when they are done.  Students write their name on the side of the bag. You can punch holes and put in real yarn for handles if you want a more 3-D effect.

After everyone has completed their bag, call on students to pull their strips to make the various sentences. Children read them in unison.

Make sure the last one they read is “Trick or Treat!” Drop a piece of candy corn, or a sticker, or special treat in their bag, for their great effort!

You can also play “I Have; Who Has?” with the word cards.  Make a copy of the word cards and do not cut them out. Post these pages on the board.

Make another copy and laminate them.  Cut these out.  Put them in your Trick or Treat bag and have students choose cards ‘til they are all gone.

You read an –ick card and ask for an -eat card on the list. The –eat child reads their card. Both children say their “–ick or –eat!” sentence together. Those cards go in the bag. Play continues ‘til all of the cards are gone.

Click on the link to view/download the –ick or –eat Word Family Treat Bag.

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