Chocolate Reindeer Noses


Have Your Students Make Them As Christmas Gifts, Or Give Them To Your Students As A Sweet Treat!

chocolate reindeer noses, reindeer noses, reindeer noses poem, reindeer noses card, reindeer noses directions, A crafty teacher shared her idea of making reindeer noses on one of the chat boards I enjoy. I thought it was really cute.

I've also seen it pinned on Pinterest, so I'm clueless of who to give credit to.   I've included a poem and given you my version here.

I think your students would have fun making a bag of chocolate reindeer noses as a gift for their parents or grandma and grandpa.  Keeping this in mind, I designed a poem-card to go with them, and a header they can color.

They are also easy enough for a teacher to whip together to give to an entire class on their last day before vacation, and make adorable party favors if your child has a December birthday.

Here's How:

  • reindeer noses, chocolate reindeer noses, reindeer noses poem, reindeer noses card, Christmas party favor, Christmas gift for kids, Christmas gift for kids to make, Christmas gift for teachers to give, Christmas crafts for kids, Christmas snack, Christmas party ideas,I thought that Whoppers would make the perfect size for a Reindeer's nose.
  • I found the best deal for these malted milk balls at Big Lots.  The bag is only $6. My 39 oz. bag had 501 brown reindeer noses inside!
  • Yes I counted them all, so you wouldn’t have to wonder. That lets you make 62 bags! (You need 8 brown noses to represent 8 of Santa’s reindeer!)

On Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen!

  • chocolate reindeer noses, reindeer noses, reindeer noses poem, reindeer noses card, You might want to share this idea with another teacher and cut your cost in ½ or make them with/for your students and send the rest as treats for your own child.
  • I hit the Jackpot when I checked our Dollar Store looking for Rudolph’s red nose.  They had a bag of the same-size bubblegum that contained 44 pieces with only 4 color options inside!  (red, green, yellow and blue).
  • I looked for bags that had a lot of red.  The 2 bags I purchased had 13 and 14 red pieces in them!
  • Snack Baggies are also sold at The Dollar Store and make the perfect container.
  • Run off my header, have students color it, and glue to a green strip of construction paper for pizzazz and you’re in business.
  • You can staple the header to the Baggie or use Scotch tape.
  • reindeer noses, chocolate reindeer noses, reindeer noses pattern, reindeer noses poem, reindeer noses card, reindeer noses direction, Christmas party favors, Christmas gifts for kids to make, Christmas gifts for teachers to give, Have children press their thumb in a brown stamp pad to make a reindeer head.  Add antlers and facial details with crayons or markers. 
  • Students write their names in an ABAB pattern with a green and red crayon and color the holly for that finishing touch!
  • Children glue their completed picture on a sheet of red construction paper.
  • Set up the ingredients as a center on a TV tray or small table.  Put the noses in two different bowls with plastic spoons.  Allow students to count 9 brown balls into their bag + 1 red one which will = 10 (I work with base 10 all year so this is perfect!).
  • Students take their Baggie back to their workstation and may now eat 1 BROWN nose. 10 – 1 = 9 reindeer noses.  Encourage students to say the equations.
  • STRESS that they can only eat 1 and that it can only be a brown nose.  It’s a nice way to review addition and subtraction and a great way to avoid begging and continuous questions of: “Can I please have one?” After all, it’s hard to be little and not tempted with a bowl of chocolate Whoppers!

Click on the link to view/download Reindeer Noses 

After they’ve finished their gift, have them continue with another math extension and visit meilistudios to figure out how old they are in Rudolph years!

Thank you for visiting today.  Feel free to PIN anything you think others may find worthwhile.

"If you don't like the road you're walking on, start paving another one!" -Dolly Parton

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